Sunday, February 19, 2012

Nikon 60mm Review

The first aspect of the Nikon 60mm lens to be discussed is its product specifications and technical aspects. The aperture on this macro lens ranges from f/2.8 to f/32, allowing for a variety of image effects and focusing options. The lens construction allows for lens flare-free photos thanks to the 8 elements in 7 groups design. There are both manual and automatic focusing options as well as a minimum focus distance of approximately nine inches. The dimensions of this lens are 2.8 inches by 2.8 inches and it weighs around fifteen ounces, making it an easy stowaway lens for on-the-go use.
The designers assert several claims in regards to how the Nikon 60mm lens performs in real life. Nikon markets this lens as an alternative to large, more expensive lenses and claims that it can be used for close-up field photography, portraiture work as well as copy work. Another claim states that the Close Range Correction technology assures the lens' optimal operation regardless of focusing range. Whether one is using the automatic focusing mechanism or the manual ring, this lens is supposed to provide continuous focusing from infinity all the way down to 1:1 (life-size). Based on many customer reviews, these claims hold up quite well in practice.
Last but not least, the actual benefits of using this 60mm macro lens will be outlined. This lens is widely cross-compatible with a range of Nikon cameras; there are auto-focusing conflicts on the D40 series of Nikon cameras but other than that, it will work with any Nikon camera made since 1980. There is a widely-reported lack of color fringes and distortion in this particular macro lens. Filter use is easy and one can even use multiple stacked filters. Finally, the sharpness on this lens is excellent; only in the farthest corners at maximum aperture can any blurring be found.
For all photographers - amateurs to professionals - that need a highly portable lens that can compete within the macro world at a relatively affordable price, this Nikon lens steps up to the plate. Good for up-close photography as well as standard range shooting, there is not much to be desired when it comes to its performance. It would be foolish to overlook the Nikon 60mm lens when considering a new acquisition of a macro lens for your future photography adventures.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Nikon D60 Review

Many people have put camera to become part of their life and use it every time to copy every important moment in their life and save them for recollecting in the future. More than thousands different models of camera are available now. Nikon is one of the famous and best camera brands that put so many high technologies to support use in daily activity. Nikon D60 review points to the fact until now this model is one of the best highly recommended camera. Many reason for this camera to become of the best.
The camera is very user friendly and has many features on it. Camera resolution is 10.2 mega pixels, and have a stylish and well designed too. This camera combines style with practicality, to make become one of the most demanded cameras in the market. With all high technology in this camera , it also has an amazing price of under $550.
Nikon D60 has a good dust removal system to gain least interruption while you shoot photographs. The imaging sensor work automatically whenever you switch on the camera. This incredible technology can’t be found in other camera with same price. Another significant element is the Active D-Lighting feature that adjusts and manages exposure that make every photograph taken has an exhibits supreme quality. The I-TTL technology automatically adjusts optimal flash with its own calculations. N-60 offers a great saturation and provide many colors to choose.
This camera also has a quick reaction to your commands to prevents missing of good moments when capturing image. Even fast moving objects can be captured without any defects or blur. Nikon D60 has four focus modes : Single-Servo AF, Continuous – AF, 7 point AF system, and Auto-Servo AF. These modes make absolutely all images you shoot perfect. And also you can lock onto an subject in a fraction of a second. The Nikon D-60 can take up to three photos per second.
The 2.5 inch LCD display screen in this camera has a multi functions system and its sensors detect whether the camera is in horizontal or vertical held.   Although the screen is small but has many useful use and information.  It will turn on automatically when you ready to take some pictures. But this camera lacks the “Lake View” option. This make you can’t use the LCD screen to compose your images. With this lack feature makes you more difficult to focus when using the “Manual Mode”
Nikon camera is the leader when it comes to “Exposure Perfection” use. This also integrated in Nikon D60 camera that has various exposure modes that help you to capture great images in many different lighting conditions. And also with chunky grip makes this camera easier to hold. The main menu is different but still easier to navigate than other Nikon cameras. The position of all control buttons are good and easier to navigate. With all these features make this high-tech camera choosen by many amateur photographer to use. Just put the camera in auto mode and you only need to click to take images.For more nikon digital camera reviews check out my digital camera sites.